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Hello, Dreamwidth! I like many others have migrated here from livejournal due some nastiness, and I am glad to find another website that offers the same functions without the upsetting politics. I look forward to spending many years here on DW!


Jul. 5th, 2006 03:50 pm
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Well, what do you know--I've got a livejournal. I never, ever thought I'd have one in the first place, considering that I found the whole idea to be downright silly. Honestly, now--no one is actually deluding themselves into thinking that anybody CARES about what happens in their regular day to day lives, do they? I certainly don't give a flying shite about what you ate for breakfast and who broke up with you that week.

And yet, here I am, with a livejournal. Posting to the blasted thing, no less. Unlike most, however, I'm not going to relay what happened in my daily life, since, as I said before, nobody cares. I'll most likely be posting whatever bit of randomness happens to appear in my mind in the day. Maybe, just maybe, I'll actually put down a thought or two, or even how I feel. This is the way my brain works. Like it, or get out of here (assuming anyone is reading this, which I highly doubt anybody will).

So, why do I have this livejournal? The answer, ultimately, is simple: I'm one contrary little git, and I'm a sucker for irony.

There you go, my dears. That's me in a nutcase. And no, that's not an accidental word use. I meant that.

Oh, and:


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